Pictures are a particular way of looking at world. Everyone has its own view, which express the attitude to the reality as it is; the view that is good enough for dealing with things and understanding to them.
There are many ways of exploring, just choose one.
Without long hesitation.
You can also turn back and never return.
Stop and meditate.
Run away.

Finding the way in the world where even the smallest thing has its significance. Amazement from unexpected, or disappointment, misunderstanding and subsequent condemnation.
A way of discovery.
Someone strives, together with Salman Rushdie, to step outside the frame and see the whole picture. Only then may follow the successful step inside.
Traveling with a map.
Orderly, methodical and systematic without anything unnecessary. Everything has its place in logical structure.
By the means of scientific research.
Step by step, slowly or quickly or completely randomly.
By the way of experience.

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Selection of the best in the best quality. A kind of digest.
Traveling with a guidebook.

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